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  1. Wyclef Jean makes the most of whatever environment he finds himself in. It’s a skill the singer-producer acquired as a youngster, when he and his family left his native Haiti for Brooklyn and eventually settled in New Jersey. “I was born in a hut. I ate dirt from the floor. I didn’t know what electricity was,” Jean says. “So by the time I got to America, I was like, ‘We made it.’ I just became a sponge wanting to escape, and my escape became culture.” Read full interview:
  2. Approximately a half hour before noon, Wyclef Jean strolls into the entryway of his Four Seasons hotel room strumming his guitar and humming lightly over an improvised chord progression. He carefully places his instrument on the bed and settles in a chair facing Austin’s Lady Bird Lake. Each March, SXSW turns Austin, Texas, into a hotbed for music lovers and tech innovators; Jean’s 2017 appearance is an opportunity for him to immerse himself both worlds. Less than an hour remains before he's scheduled to perform at a brunch hosted by Shazam. He and the company partnered together to create an augmented reality experience to promote his latest EP,  J’ouvert. But in the early 1990s, Jean and his bandmates - The Fugees - had no access to such technology. Read more:
  3. clef Jean’s reputation as an elite talent is firmly grounded in Hip Hop’s history. However, even with a classic like  The Score  (with Fugees) and a gem like  Carnival  under his belt, this veteran knows you’re only as good as your next hit. As he spits on the opener of his latest EP,  J’ouvert , “all they wanna know is will I get another ring.” Does this album silence doubters à la LeBron James’ comeback last June, or is it proof that Jean is a has-been? Read more:
  4. Welcome to Season 3 of The Come Up Show Podcast! We’re starting off the season with our very special guest Wyclef Jean. He just released his brand new EP J’ouvert which is his first commercial project in 7 years, and it’s out right now! In our talk we went all over the place from what it feels like to take a break and then come back to music, seeing Obama accepting the Nobel Prize, why if it wasn’t for Jimmy Hendrix music Wyclef would be dead or in jail and much more. Listen here:
  5. Wyclef Jean is a kid in a candy shop right now. As he arrives at the Gibson Showroom in New York City for his  A - Sides  session he’s told he can choose any guitar he wants to play. Shortly thereafter, he leaves the studio and disappears for a good 30 minutes. His publicist lets me know at that time that he’s ready when we are. See, in that whole span, Jean has been trying out just about every instrument in the showroom, and once he steps into the studio he continues his exploits. He sits down on a stool and starts singing and playing Jimi Hendrix’s “Hey Joe.” He gets up, and starts playing piano. He quickly goes back to the stool when he’s told we’re ready to roll, and starts playing Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here.” And then it’s showtime.  Read more:
  6. When it comes to work-life balance, there are two industries that tend to challenge this far beyond the rest: entertainment and entrepreneurship. Any entrepreneur will tell you that running your own business or building a company is a 24/7, 365 day job that demands more of you than anything else you've ever felt in your entire life. Similarly, you do not become an award-winning musician, actor, or entertainment star without being able to endure the demands of the industry. The challenge, then, is in figuring out how to navigate those tumultuous waters, still become successful, but preserve yourself in the process. Read more:
  7. Wyclef Jean Talks Early Fugees Days, Memorable Times With Wu-Tang, His New EP J'ouvert & More with The Breakfast Club Watch:  
  8. Wyclef Jean is more than 20 years into the rap game so you know he has some interesting stories about Hip-Hop’s golden era. Accompanied by Allyson Casado, the Hip-Hop OG checked into the Breakfast Club and spoke with Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee (DJ Envy was MIA) and spoke about performing at Big Pun’s funeral, comparing Young Thug to Tupac, and Lauryn Hill being in the top five all-time list. See more:
  9. The legendary Wyclef Jean dropped by the AT&T studios to talk to his long time friend Angie Martinez. Check out the full interview to hear what they talked about. Full interview:  
  10. Wyclef Jean explains the concept of his EP, "J’ouvert". Interview at 692 Broadway in NYC for BUILD Series. <!-- TAG START { player: "Embed Player", owner: "Embed Company", for: "Embed" } --><div class="vdb_player vdb_5688f66de4b040e17d9912265688f5c1e4b0f2c97f395156" vdb_params="m.refbcid=56e9e5c0ff690c1d9008d4e6&m.refpid=57f3bdfba01b4d76c57c2282"><script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script></div><!-- TAG END { date: 02/09/17 } --> source: